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Singer, songwriter Billy Falcon grew up in a middle class Italian family from Rosedale, Queens. Since his youth, Billy was blessed with the ability to put life experiences into songs that paint pictures with words. He has described himself as being a reporter who writes about what he experiences in his own personal life; the day to day struggles that are universal in their reflection of the American human experience.

Billy, as you may know, has been making great music for over thirty years now.
Perhaps you remember Power Windows, Pretty Blue World or Wonder Years;
Or you?ve heard the songs he?s written for others: Trace Adkins, Manfred Mann
Or Stevie Nicks; or perhaps the songs he?s penned with Jon Bon Jovi like Just Older,
Last Man Standing or Bounce?
Well, he?s back with a dozen new songs that capture the Joy, the Sorrow,
the Struggle, the Hope;

In a recent discussion about the new record, he had this to say:

I started writing and singing songs when I was 8 years old. It?s all I ever wanted to do. Sometimes it feels like a curse, but when its right, when my stupid little brain connects with something outside and I?m able to write something smarter than I am, that moves people to smile, laugh, cry, hope, believe, to think a better thought, then I know that God?s given me a gift and I?m using it. When that happens I swear I feel like I?m flying. Flying is good. I hope you get what I?m saying.

I recently made the decision to write more, and start a band with friends and that?s what I did. My friends Michael Spears, Johnny Telucci, Joe Porter, and Brian Hall came over to the house with their guitars, drums, amps, and keyboards. We started making a lot of noise like when I was 15 in my mother?s basement.

After the first rehearsal I called Michael and said, "Michael what do you think, am I out of my mind trying to do this at this stage of the game, do these songs suck"? Of course Michael answered yes to my questions. {Just kidding} With those voices in my head telling me that this was a silly idea, I continued to rehearse with the band.

Every week I added a song or two. And after a few weeks, it started to sound like something, like we were really onto something special!
When we went into the studio a few months ago, I was anxious to see if it translated to something special on tape {though the only tape in a studio is scotch tape}
Now that the process is complete, I think it does.

I can?t wait for you to hear it; the album is titled "MADE MAN"
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it!

Faith, Hope, and Love

MADE MAN, a record worth taking the time to hear.

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