Beauty Starr is a two member production duo specializing in the developing artists for Top40 & Electric Groove music. We are an evolving electronica, groove/pop/rock band ever exploring that unique sound; i.e. always tired of the same ol' guitar sounds and such.. Our goal is to hopefully create an eclectic commercial crossover. (and bring back the age of Headphone Music Nights) - Our working band name thus far is, "beauty starr".

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Moloko, Crystal Method, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre, Trent Reznor - NIN.


MM is currently recording an album with the group "Beauty Starr", a stylish groove-electric band based in Los Angeles, California. MM is writing and producing the album along with his wife and scheduling its debut for early-to-mid year 2003. The album should prove to be a unique melting pot for groove, sound, and melodic content, touching on the various styles of Electronica, POP, Funk, Dance, and Nouveau-psychedelic rock, ultimately reaching out to both extremes of the emotional spectra.

MM has been credited previously to working with various artists and bands that were seeking a more original approach to their musical style, whether they were already classified as a POP, Folk, Rock, or R&B artist. Prior to recording a single note, he collects as much material available to the artist or group, and personally studies each track. So that during the recording process, he can focus on their strengths in a given performance and mask any shortcomings, in so much that any natural weakness would be interpreted as the artist's intention in the final product.

With his strong background of Music and Sound Recording, he has been able to get himself involved in all types of projects ranging from Radio, Film, Television, and Record Label work. Whether he is being hired as a Songwriter, Producer, or Recording Engineer, his professional experience is sure to get any job completed with more than favorable results, in a timely manner.

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