Founded in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013, the rock'n'roll band Asea consists of Natalia Suvorina (vocals, guitar) and Valentin Permiakov (bass, synths), who's music inspiration comes from such virtuosi as Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
A strong mix of pure rock energy with bright female vocal - that's how the debut ASEA EP sounds. Recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia, the album was mixed by Lukas Rimbach (Wallpaper, Blessed Child) in Germany and mastered by Blake La Grange (P.O.D., Kanye West) in California, USA, which provides to the EP it's drive, clear and punchy sound.
The Shure Company has proclaimed Asea as the National Winner of Shure Call for Legends international contest.
Right now the songs of Asea spin on number of radio stations worldwide: Radio Airplay, Jango, Nord Core, Red Radio, Modnoe Radio etc.
Stay tuned with us, more music is coming!
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