Spoken Word

AMERICA 2/intro-sound.
Spoken Word - General
Plays: 229
Stuck With Green
D.U.M. United Remix
Electronic - Industrial
Plays: 28
John Evans
Lets Make Music
New Age - Alternative
Plays: 6

Plays: 0
Marilyn Oakley
Always Forever Til Infinity
Spoken Word - Experimental
Plays: 52
Joseph Miller
All's Well,
Spoken Word - General
Plays: 7
Teri Feaser
Walking On A Razors Edge
Unique - Unclassified
Plays: 90
Delta Burnett Reed
The Wind He Knows Me Well
Spoken Word - Poetry
Plays: 80
Penny Towers
When Inspiration Takes A Dive (MV)
Unique - General
Plays: 89

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Clean Clean

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