Rob Notoris & Jim Shagawat are two award-winning music composers for advertising, film, movie trailers, games, and television shows. Their music can be described as edgy and mysterious, featuring synth textures, exotic and dramatic elements that create underlying suspense.

Rob received his BA in music from the Berklee School of Music, Boston.
Jim Shagawat received his BA in music from William Paterson University.
Combined they have over 30 years experience composing and producing music.

Hear them on ABC, Animal Planet, Discovery, the History Channel, The Learning Channel, MTV, The Travel Channel...

Episodes: 36
Series: 16

Sounds Like: John M Keane, Alexandre Desplat

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"I really appreciate the first class production and compositional value of your works." Terese, Premier Tracks.

"Good stuff! Nice dimension, development and textures, interesting and a little out of the expected box. Which, for the scoring stuff, is important to me. Want to avoid lapsing into that generic mode that too much library and production music does." Andy, Spirit Music Group


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Thanks so much for the 5-star rating on my song Park Bench. Much appreciated. I just listened to your song Portrait of a Spy. Fantastic track, excellent writing and production!

Thanks so much for the 5-star rating on my song "Give Me Park Avenue". Very much appreciated!

That is a fantastic effect! You should make a plugin with that instrument.

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G. Edwin Craig
over 30 days ago

I'm speaking of House of Horrors

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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