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I am just an artistic guy trying to express myself through music. I used to play guitar in bands, mainly in the blues/rock vein. I was a part of "Feels Good", whose profile can be found on Broadjam. The recordings weren't great mainly due to our recording means! Needless to say we just mic'd the room and jammed on. 4 track, ha! I am doing stuff on my own now, and occasionally with my daughter Bella on vocals, she's only 8, but she's working on it! I play all instruments and do all vocals unless otherwise noted. I am still perfecting my "mixdown" skills so any constructive feedback on that is much appreciated!


Steven Jenkins
over 30 days ago to Doug Bayer

Great Job Bella! You have a nice voice. Instruments by Doug Bayer were good too. Play that guitar bro!

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Doug Bayer
over 30 days ago

Thanks Steve! I'm gonna check out your profile!

Thanks for reviewing my Song Desparado! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Phil Oakwood
over 30 days ago to Doug Bayer

Thanks Doug for your review of Fiction Girl. I take your points and I'm already aware of the key ones. A great deal of my stuff has a retro feel which can be a good or a bad thing. It's not my aim to do that, so perhaps I can modify my approach with more practice. As you say its commercial potential is difficult to assess in a very different world of music. It's great that you'd like to hear more. I have no more pop at the moment but will certainly be writing some! Phil

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