My name is Mark Strong and I am the main player behind the indie pop/rock band known as, Salton Sea.

I am fan of great melodies, harmonies and arrangements. Music I have written has been placed in many major network TV shows namely, "Gossip Girl"; "The Beautiful Life" and "Blue Mountain State".

I hope you find Salton Sea's music enjoyable and exciting enough to keep coming back for more.

Latest News

Salton Sea is currently working on new songs for an upcoming album. Stay tuned for more as progress is made.
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Cyndi Corkran
over 30 days ago to SaltonSea

Hi Mark. Thanks so much for the connection. I'm listening to your Bombay Beach Experiment No 1, and really love the beautiful layers of melody, percussion, and painterly way you've woven this piece; very haunting and makes me want to see the sea again! Once upon a time, I lived by the Sea of Cortez, off of the western coast of Mexico, and once by the sea, one cannot shake off its magic. I love you music, and the energy with which you've made it come to life!
Best wishes to you in your musical endeavors. I look forward to hearing more of your soul......

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to SaltonSea

Mark, Old Salt. Great first ditty, leaving me wanting for more like the best appetizer. Sending you a Pal request to help you get rolling. - Nick

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