Joseph Miller
over 30 days ago to Melvin Vazquez

Nice work, Melvin .... enjoyed a Second Life ... recommended by my friend Felice

Hi Melvin, I was reviewing in the last can of the Six Pack and came across your song "A Second Life" and it brought me to tears because it was so beautiful. Your vocal was so compelling and the melody was beautiful. It Reminded me a llittle of one of the songs from "The Phantom Of THe Opera' but of course it was so different. I must download this song and check out some of your other pieces. All the best, Felice Kaye Cooper

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Hi Melvin, thank you so much for those beatiful words, just like your lyrics. You really did touch my soul and I hope you have had a chance to listen to some of my vocals. I think you will enjoy them. Happy Holidays and all the best, Felice

Hi Melvin, thank you for taking the time to listen to some of my music. I hope you find a tune that touches your heart and soul too, Felice

The honor is mine....thank you again for listening and bringing such beautiful music to the world, Felice

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