This incredible work of art tantalizes the senses, from the harmonic melodies to the beautiful vocals straight from the Atlas Mountains... "Vision of Dreams" brings sheer enjoyment to anyone who wants to expand the musical horizons of their minds

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A Musical Journey Where East meets West

Vision of Dreams

UnS Story

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, UnS discovered music at an early age when he first began to teach himself the piano. Even though he was only three years old, the musical notes and harmonies struck a chord within him, and since then music developed into his life's passion and paradigm for the world.
Without any formal training, UnS played with the andalousian music orchestra at age 6 and his talent landed him on Moroccan and French television by age 7. Since his early start, UnS has both accompanied famous singers in his home country as well as played across the globe in several different countries and for many notable artists and both large and small audiences.
UnS made his way to the United States over 10 years ago, finding a home in California in 1999 and expanding his musical repertoire in playing with many famous bands and singers.
Not long after coming to America, UnS traded the west coast for the east coast, settling in the Philadelphia suburbs in 2005. Although a long way from his birth town of Casablanca, UnS' compositions find his homeland in their unique and intricate fusion of both Eastern and Western musical traditions.
Like his music, UnS hopes the joyous, playful and interwoven threads of his multi-cultural music can be an example to the world and aid in his life's goal of obtaining world peace through music. From a boy of six years old in Casablanca, Morocco, UnS' determination and vision has led him to creating and cultivating a career based on bringing countries and cultures together to experience a wonderful fusion of tones, tunes and, ultimately, this very album.


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Tami Rene
over 30 days ago to UnS

"Desert Rain" is utterly gorgeous!

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