The Legend Of The fundaMentals

The tale of the fundaMentals, or The 'Mentals to be brief
Began in mythic legend and will end to much relief
Danger Dan and Billy!!! met in a graveyard late at night
And they knew when they first spoke that neither was quite right
Billy!!! was a drummer, and Dan played lead guitar
And both believed that rock and roll was needing C.P.R.
"We need to start a garage band!" Danger Dan exclaimed
Billy!!! agreed completely, which just proved that he's insane
They stuck it out together, an unlikely pair it seems
One had monkeys in his attic, one a Nature Boy supreme
They spent years a-searching for the right men for this crew
To carry out these rock and roll feats of derring-do
Til one night at the crossroads, The Icon did appear
Running from his psycho ex with nothing but his gear
He played guitar and sang if you can really call it such
His ego was astounding, his talent not so much
Danger Dan approached him with Billy!!! at his side
He put out his hand and said "Let's take this nationwide!"
The Icon looked them over, and thought it a bit queer
That the drummer wore a pirate hat and his drumsticks smelled like beer
But The Icon spoke these words, and the world shall not forget it
"Okay you can count me in, though I'm sure I'll regret it"
The search was on for thunder, a man who played the bass
Many came and went but no one really rocked the place
The Mad Bomber stepped into view as the lightning flashed
Some 'Mentals were impressed by him, and some were merely trashed
He said "I'll play the bass for you, you'll feel me shake the floor
But you don't want to tick me off, I've blown shit up before"
They moved to Billy!!!'s living room, none could afford garages
Readying to tour the world's bars and Mason Lodges
Then Big Hoss appeared one night , blocking light in all the room
"I want to join a rockin' band but I'll settle for you goons"
He brought style to the 'Mentals, his keyboards brought some class
And if he hadn't been so big he would have been out on his ass
For The 'Mentals weren't classy, and their aim was far from true
But Hoss was in the building, wasn't diddley they could do
They worked hard on rocking, rising at the crack of noon
They showed how to go from music buff to straight buffoon
The people celebrated them, in toast they raised their cups
"Those 'Mentals kept on rockin' right until the cops showed up!"
They rocked bars and barmitzvahs, festivals and halls
Some bands had more talent but no one had bigger balls
They played it loud and sloppy, they always walked the walk
They would have been much better off if they just didn't talk
They lived the spirit of rock and roll and that cannot be bought
Please if you would be so kind, keep the 'Mentals in your thoughts
For the Devil doesn't want them, and they'll never get to Heaven
Doomed to rock the Earth alone with their amps turned to 11.


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