Lola Bleu (Janell McCracken), was born in Berrien Springs, Michigan in 1988. She then moved to Ontario, Canada and then to Montreal Quebec Canada from there she established her voice. She began singing in the Joy Bell Choir at the tender age of 4. She also sung solos at her father's church, which helped in birthing her natural talent, which is singing. In 1997 Janell's family moved once again to Hagerstown, Maryland where she landed different singing auditions. She was picked up by Tyanjo productions as a gospel artist. She booked a gig and opened up for Jazz artist Marcus Houston. Janell was only 14 years old at the time but her voice was beyond her years and the clarity and pure singing amazed many.
In 2002 she was a freshman at a private boarding school (Pine Forge) where she made it into the choir and quickly was selected lead soprano. The schools choir was known around the United States for their powerful, moving music. Janell received vocal coaching, which helped mature her clear, silky angel-like vocals. With the choir traveling around the United States, Janell was singing in front of orchestras and large congregations praising God at her highest pitch. She graduated from high school in 2006 and then moved to Huntsville Alabama to attend College.
While in Alabama Janell was ready to establish herself as a woman, and quickly put school and work in front of singing. Though music never left her heart, she met rapper Mista Freezy, and started singing hooks for his album. She soon discovered that she was ready to commence her own dreams and linked up with talented producer David Sanders II (Tech N9ne) through Mista Freezy, and her close friend songwriter Donna Jackson. She went through many ups and downs in her relationships and in life, she found herself becoming a woman and she expresses her new found womanhood through Lola Bleu. Her goal is to set a different tone for the industry by staying true to herself and to music. She is well on her way to bless the world with her sultry voice and captivating beauty. She is currently working on her debut album "Love Will Find A Way".


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Thanks for your review and showing your support.

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R.S. Webb (Songwriter)
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Lola, thanks for listening to and reviewing "These Words". I have to tell you, you've got a hell of a voice and "So Over You" proves it. Best to you - RS

over 30 days ago to Lola Bleu

hey lola,i checked out your 3 songs/i like them,see if you would like my song/i want your lovin tonigh/keep at that great singing that you do/peace-joe.

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