A talented songwriter, combined with her gifted voice and wonderful guitar work, will prompt you to chase your dreams and offer a tale or two about ordinary people who, like her, excel and inspire. Her songs, singing and guitar work, honed and polished in the venues of New England, have a distinct Americana feel with New England charm. She moves from country to bluegrass, folk and r&b to gospel, all with a bluesy undertone. A hard-hitting voice that fills the room with original songs that will awaken your soul with visions of life's great moments.
Writing songs of life, love and simply being during our ever changing lives; bound to make you ask, "Is she talking about me?"

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WOW! Again! My Heart Has a Crazy Mind of its Own is on the Rhode Island Top 10 songs .. That is Awesome!! Thanks much for listening!


Toni Sunden
over 30 days ago to Joanne Lurgio


If you have time check out my new recording.
New songs coming out next week.
Feel free to share or leave a comment.

Have a good day!

The Sketchballs
over 30 days ago to Joanne Lurgio

"Won't Ever Quit" has such an impressive vocal track...this song exceeds folk music

Eric Keepa
over 30 days ago to Joanne Lurgio

Hi Joanne just listed to my heart has a crazy mind of it;s own. Good song really enjoyed it. Take care Eric

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Joanne Lurgio
over 30 days ago

thank you much Eric!

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