girlierox /the mschifgals compose, arrange and produce all tracks for girlierox /the mschifgals. A mix of electronica/soft rock /dance/etc their music is featured on and also
Rock the Floor/Why Do We Argue/I believe in YOU have all been # 1 on U.S internet radio station hardcoremix
Both artists have had great chart success through
girlierox maintaining #1 in Melbourne, Australia for over 6 months and after a lenghthy stay at # 1 in Australia is now # 2
Other chart successes include # 14 all genres Australia.
The mschifgals are # 2 Melbourne, Australia and # 4 Australia, and currently are placed at #33 all genres Australia.

Latest News

the mschifgals track "why do we argue" has been licensed to a major U.S. cable network.

chart success

girlierox #1 Melbourne, Australia and # 1 Australia
themschifgals # 2 Melbourne, Australia and # 4 Australia
The mschifgals 3rd #1 on U.S. Radio station, Florida, USA.
Girlierox # 4 all genres, Australia through
girlierox prevuioulsy 2 # 1 on

wild heart run free

new track by the girlierox/themschifgals WILD HEART RUN FREE


achieving great chart success through reverbnation #1 and #2 Melbourne, # 1 and # 3 Australia, # 4 Australia all genres and now 4th #1 on
girlierox/ the mschifgals want to get their music into TV/FILM/ADS/GAMES etc.. All enquiries welcome.
The single ROCK THE FLOOR is for sale through more to come
girlierox /the mschifgals HERE TO STAY x

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over 30 days ago to girlierox /the mschifgals

hey girls,i like the video of the dog faced guitar player on the beach-i got a huge kick out of it-some guy next to me here at the library even looked over and said-that is cool-peace-joe.

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girlierox /the mschifgals
over 30 days ago

it's pretty cool huh..guy who did is called blindskunk he has some tremendous videos he does for artists if you go along to his site tell him girlierox sent you

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