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I was born in Morris, IL. on March 13, 1985 to parents married out of highschool. Growing up wasn't always easy or kind and music is all I had to escape. From the age of around 10, I started to listen to music. My first major influence was Madonna. Her music was so different to me, and its where I caught the music bug from. Soon after discovering a passion for music, I joined both band and choir in grade school. Through band, I learned the technical side of music, and through chorus, is where I found my calling. SINGING. I sang in choir all through high school and was also in the high school musical productions. After graduating from school, I kind of lost the music bug. High school was over and there was no choir to sing in and I didn't know what else I could do with my passion, until one day in a Target store I noticed a music making program. I bought it on the spot and the rest is history. Its hard to describe my style. Its a mix of a lot of different sounds, and styles. It is mostly pop music, but one song might have a hot hip hop beat, with some orchestra, and another may have acoustic drums and guitar, with a techno feel. But needless to say, I have my own sound. I write compose, and produce all of my songs. They come from the heart, whether a personal experience, or someone close to me. Every song has a different feel, but one thing's for'll never get bored of Derek Vickers.

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