My name is Var (a.k.a V-dott). I have been doing various aspects of music for about 15 years. I am a singer/ songwriter/ producer and I have been running a indie recording label for about 5 years now. I am also starting a publishing company (Shep Publishing) this fall. Hope you all enjoy the music.

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Super-Producer V-dott has been a beast on the underground music scene since the early 2000's. His production creates hits and has super-charged the music careers for many underground artists such as Garcia Vega, 1 Mil, Conflict, D Jon, and Mista Blaze, just to name a few. V-dott has no production limitation and his talent often crosses over into many genres. V-dott's newest production endeavor is with the Neo-Soul singer/songwriter Ms. Ty. Born Lavar Maurice Sheppard in New Jersey on March 8th 1981, V-dott a.k.a. Var got his name from fellow artist and freestyle guru, 1 Mil. "Your production is should call yourself V-dott, which means Var ...period. There is no one else on your level!" 1 Mil says. With Var's production talent, the name still holds true. Aside from his production talent, Var a.k.a V-dott also creates hits in the booth as an R&B singer/songwriter. V-dott has released multiple solo albums and has been featured on various mixtapes. Hits like "I'm Ready" and "It Don't Matter", have set the streets and the internet radio waves on fire. V-dott's latest single "All I wanna do" has already been licensed on various cable television shows, and it hasn't even been released to the public yet! Ms. Ty's newest album entitled "HIGHER AND HIGHER" will be released early 2010. The soulful vocals of Ms. Ty mixed with V-dott's production expertise guarantees that her album will be a hit. Don't miss out on the hottest release of the year! V-Dott's talent, persistence, and versatility have truly made him an icon in the music game. "Put God first...and everything else will fall into place. "Stay humble...never forget where your success comes from" describes his view of life and his state of mind. V-dott will always be a production trend-setter in the music industry.

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