Bongo Dave is the songwriting and performing duo of Carl Fassl and Bob Adamski, helped out at times by various friends and musical co-conspirators.

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Bongo Dave's Make me Believe makes the Pop- Classic top ten Chart!

Bongo Dave's 'Mama Don't' goes to #5 on Rock-Psychedelic Chart!

Bongo Dave's 'Darlin' cracks Pop-Rock Top Ten Chart!

A little bit about Bob

Born in the land of icebergs, whales and North Atlantic breaker foam, Bob became a true child of the maritime provinces of Canada. As a child he was surrounded by music and a closely knit clan of family and friends. As a young man he took up the life of a gypsy singer/songwriter, traveling the US, Canada and Europe. His learned values of loyalty and perseverance echo through his life, art and music today. His lyrics are very personal but at the same time universal in nature. Bob is currently living in the Delaware Valley, composing and performing with Carl Fassl, his partner in musical crime as part of the collective "Bongo Dave". Still writing, still dreaming.

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