Ballon is the musical collaboration of Eric McCoy and Terry Driescher. Ballon was created to provide top quality music for: radio, film, TV, video games and more. At the moment, Ballons sound is primarily down-tempo hiphop and ambient, though we do not limit ourselves to any one specific genre. Both Eric and Terry have been writing and producing music professionally for over 10 years, covering a vast array of styles and sounds. While Ballon is currently writing and licensing material for soundtracks and TV, we are also looking to add guest vocals on some of our songs. If you are interested, please contact us at:

Please only serious and professional inquirees only.
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Well I hope one of you guys check this... I just sent you a message on face book and I will be emailing you about the tracks you sent me about a couple years ago... damn you guys need too update this ... You both are extremely talented and i would love to work with you guys... I go by " KALLIOPE" now, But my myspace URL is: ce FIND ME!!!

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