FourFive World is a small music publishing company, artist developement company, and indie record label. The company is based out of Santa Ana, California where it's run by its founder Toma "Maskerade" Johnson.

Maskerade currently has two albums under independent release, "Luv Iz Crazi" and "Prilud 2 Luv". Both albums have done really well in the UK and abroad. Maskerade has been able travel and perform all over the country and different parts of the world. He now focuses his efforts on, first providing clients with undeniable talent in music, and second helping mold new artists in their new endeavors.

Maskerade is also currently working on his third release, "The Fire and the Flame". Due in November 2008.

At FourFive World, our main goal is to bring back quality in the urban music comunity. All of our songs are produced and recorded on top rated software and hardware. We pride ourselves in delivering great product at under the radar prices.

Latest News

August 2008 - Final playlist is ready for the album. I'm definately please. We got 4 mid to uptempo joints and 8 slowtempo to ballad type joints. Good mix of stuff to come. Working on finishing touches and final mixes currently.

July 2008 - Ready to start album promotion. Decided on a single to push in US - Outta Control. Haven't decided on UK yet.

New Album - The Fire and the Flame
projected release date November 4 2008


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hello FourFive im back check out my new single "Keep it on da low"

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