Songwriter, both lyrics and melody, in a few different styles, mostly inspirational-folk-country or pop, some with specifically Christian lyrics. Also some children's, and some refreshingly honest love songs in easy-listening style. Day job teaching music to pre-school children. Classically trained flutist.

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A new song of mine, "Just One", will be performed by Jose Ponce at the Albuquerque Folk Festival on June 7. "Just One" examines gun violence in a personal way.

My friend, Jim Terrell of Albuquerque has put a song we co-wrote, "I Want That" on his first CD.

A song I co-wrote with Eric Copeland of Nashville, "Sweet Surprising Mercy", is included on Trish Torline's 3rd CD, "Live, Laugh Love".


I Want That: what a dear soul you are. made me think of John Denver, Glen Campbell and a younger Willie Nelson. wish you every grace in your pursuit. . .

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Karen Watson - songwriter
over 30 days ago

Thank you very much!

You are so kind..Thank you for your words!

Hi Karen, Thanks for taking the time to review my song Heart on a String. And thanks for the kind words you gave it!!!

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