Just trying to keep it real
through the love of music
I can only feel
No fame or fortune
just what I feel...
only to share with you...
cause you feel
like me, like me....you feel me!


Right now, It's me riding solo. Looking to collab. Full-time college student + Full time hustling don't leave much room for my true aspirations. I have been singing since the tender age of 7. I began writing at 12 yrs old. The one thing that I could understand was that the world wasn't right! Life is too precious and have to speak my mind about it. I have been playing the piano since the age of 8. I am what's normally called the "Quitta", as I difficulties and struggles with the instrument. Who don't you know what I mean. I am into movies, poetry, acting, comedy, science and other creative pursuits. I wish to be an inspiring artist, but love the music so don't matter to me!


over 30 days ago to Ms. Sexylexuz

hello Ms. Sexylexuz im back check out my new single "keep it on da low"

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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