We are a basement band with little or no recording eqiupment, most of the songs I recorded by myself on my GNX3 foot petal which has a built in 8 track recorder with a drum loop for keeping time, thats why our intros and endings are rough, we did get invited as a project for the peaboby institute grad students, we did 2 songs that we wrote as a band, someone to steer was one of them, it was recored live then they tried to do a final mix from that which is why the song sounds a little rough. overall we just like to have fun with music.

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Our band is Phillip/guitarist song writer, Adam (Great ears/drummer/vocals,also plays guitar/bass/piano/keys, Randy/bass,


I am a song writing guitarist who has a severe passion for music, always looking for a new band or musicians to fill a dream, or would like to sell my music and lyrics to the right band or corporation.

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