Deep Muzik's focus is on making music to help educate some of the lost soul's thinking hood life is a game.
Skinn the featured Artist and founder of Deep Muzik is on a personal quest to bring light to whats really going on on the streets and to help due away with the explotation of Urban life.
Quote- When you see whats going on it only makes you look. But when you know whats going on you can then try to make change. Skinn 2007.

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12/13/07- New song Hustlaz creed from Skinn. Pure Underground raw gangsta music!


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ArchLord II
over 30 days ago to Skinn

hi there :)
we have a great song here now...
and, hey...
there's TWO of us now...!!!

anyway, we hope you enjoy our all-original music
which we created
and which we sell
which we are allowed to do
until a lawyer stops us
until then, we hide the cash
we dont give receipts, we dont keep books.
we can say we only sold three copies.

then, we say "we're sorry, judge, really"
then, we smile :)
then, we tell the judge that we'll pay damages of...

so, go have a quick listen, you'll enjoy it..!!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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