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Hot off the raging success of Stimulator (Lab/Universal) and Snake River Conspiracy (Reprise), solo artist/ guitarist/ producer/ entrepreneur Geoff Tyson is hovering dangerously close to infamy with his new album, Slow Mad Descent, an eclectic, sometimes crazed sonic journey, written, recorded and produced by Tyson in his Los Angeles studio.

Geoff, who plays most of the instruments on the album, describes it as “Prince meets Pink Floyd. It has a good feeling. It’s guitar-driven rock you can listen to while you’re shagging,” Tyson muses, with a slow smile.

We meet up at LAX, where Geoff, a San Francisco native, is about to embark on a bold new plan. Selling nearly everything he owns, Tyson is adopting a mobile lifestyle where he will tour as well as helm the world’s first mobile indie record label, IndieLove ( Though positioned for world-domination, Geoff is sitting on the airport floor, looking every inch the potent rock-star, pounding passionately on his computer.

Tyson, with a history of playing in a succession of ground breaking cult bands, has spent many years at the mercy of music industry incompetence. The protégé of guitar-god, Joe Satriani, Geoff has spent the past few years in major label limbo, battling the notoriously defective music industry.

But no more.

Tyson is in position to lead his charge into music and technology history, creating the first ever Mobile Tyson Music Application enabling music fans to experience a visually explosive, interactive album release right on their mobile phone.

“I invented it as a way to say ‘fuck you’ to the music industry machine.” Geoff says.

Called the TysonApp, it’s an application that you download to your mobile device and run like a video game. When you run the TysonApp, it turns your mobile handset into a Digital, Interactive Album Portal into Geoff Tyson’s vast musical world. Complete with an animated album booklet, songs, lyrics, music videos, guitar lessons, screen-savers, ringtones, and a direct connection to Geoff Tyson himself, it is truly groundbreaking technology.

“It’s really the future of album design.” Geoff says, “Physical media is dead. I don’t even own a CD player anymore.”

“I remember as a kid immersing myself in the cover art of an LP while I was listening to it. I read every name in the special thanks just to make sure I wasn’t listed. It was so much cooler than downloading disembodied tracks from I Tunes,” he laughs, “I want to take my audience back to those days.”

Every ‘page’ of Geoff’s digital CD booklet plays one of 11 new songs, while giving the viewer animated art and illustrations, lyrics, videos, and daily news updates. “I’m basically turning your mobile device into a Personalized, Branded Interactive Geoff Tyson Experience. Not to mention that the music is cool as hell.”

“Just go to my mobile web site, or my regular site and click on the TysonApp Link and download it right to your phone. It’s so easy, even a record company executive can do it!”

“There are over one billion mobile handset consumers in the world. In this format, my album is virtually impossible to bootleg and it costs me nothing to distribute. No inventory, no returns, no record company hassles! It’s really the future of the indie music industry for anyone who wants to stay profitable and get the hell away from the big labels.

I’m removing the power from the hands of old media. Now I have a direct connection to my fans without depending on any slow moving middlemen.”

Tyson is slated to release both The TysonApp and the highly anticipated album, Slow, Mad Decent, on July 31st, 2007 in most European countries, followed by India and China in August, South America in September, Japan in October, and will finally be unleashed in the United States by December.

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