I am a songwriter and poet. The three demos that I have here on Broadjam are only demos. These songs are performed with a guitar only. If I had a lot of money I would have these songs put to more music. Unfortunately, these demos were the most that I could afford.I am hoping to get my songs remade in the future, if I can find a band or artist that can perfect them. I'm looking for a singer and band to redo these songs, so that I can get them marketed.5 certificate winner in the UK song writing contest 2007 - 2008 in Showcase 9 of the British slice the pie.Please vote for me.

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I Miss You has made the top 10 in three categories and My Sanctuary has just made the top 10 in the contemp.cat. These 2 songs have also made the top 10 since. I miss you made the top 10 folk contemp again. My Sanctuary was chosen to be put on an upcoming compilation c.d My Sanctuary made the top 10 in the Aust. charts on 30/7.My Sanctuary made the top 10 pop charts 9/8 and both Aust. charts on 9/8. 2 songs that I entered in U.K s/writing contest were both semi finalists.

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I am an Australian songwriter. I began writing poetry in the early 1990's and then after years of child rearing, started writing again in 2005. I wrote and self published a poetry book called "Love, Passion, Despair". After launching the book, I had several readio interviews in which I received positive feedback, I was often told my poems sounded like songs. In April 2006 I submitted 3 of my poems changed into songs to a demo company in Nashville USA. After 3 months I received the demos and have submitted each song in the "American song of the year" contest. One of the songs was "runner up", another was awarded "Honourary Mention". I submitted 2 other songs to Paramount Song Contest in Nashville USA and received a Directors award for each. The song "My Sanctuary" was recorded and put on a compilation CD called "Catch a Rising Star" and was made by "Paramount Group" in Nashville USA. I am currently writing songs and entering contests. My songs are all written from my life experiences. I write about love, lost love, betrayal, passion, despair, poverty and injustice. I also write spiritual songs. My aim is for people to hear my songs and words and that my message will touch the feelings in those who would relate. I am also willing to write or negotiate on songs I've written, if there is anyone looking for new material.

On a personal note, I'm also a mother of 6 children and have 8 grandchildren so I've been putting my songwriting off for years, now is my time for me.

I have some video/slide shows that you can check out on youtube

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what a marvellous voice you have

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