Bill Oboczky is a 57 year old composer / keyboardist in Cincinnati, specializing in orchestral and fusion instrumentals. Mostly self-taught, Bill started playing a Magnus Chord Organ at 9 and has moved up to a multi-keyboard rig controlling a half-dozen tone modules and software synths, as well as fretted and fretless basses.

Bill officially turned pro in 1993, composing soundtracks for the Stephen M. Resar Publishing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Concurrent with being the in-house composer for Resar, Bill co-founded RAVE Recording Studio and learned the craft of audio engineering and production. As an engineer and producer he has worked with a wide range of clients, from single artists to on-stage productions involving upwards of 50 people - including work for Third Federal Savings and Case Western Reserve Medical College.

After a years-long hiatus, Bill has once again taken up composing and is aiming towards the TV/film/gaming soundtrack as his genre of choice.

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Recently purchased a Roland Handsonic HDP-15 drum controller...hopefully now my percussion tracks will sound more organic and spontaneous.


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Brenda Craven
over 30 days ago to Bill Oboczky

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the marks and review of my song "Just Another Day."


Bill! Thanks Again for your kind words! That was a rough draft and I can clean her up! Will be givenu a listen too! Catnip

Tom Reardon
over 30 days ago to Bill Oboczky

Bill, thanks for the thorough review, I'm glad that you liked my song.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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