The United Soul Brothers are a production crew with a wide variety of artists and music. From Jazz to HipHop to R&B, we have you covered! We've been producing music for about 20 years here in Toledo, and now feel it's time to let the world hear what we have to offer.
Hopefully, you'll dig our music as much as we do.


For your listening pleasure; I've just uploaded our 1st single "Doin Our Own Thang". Please check it and "like" it on Facebook if you do! Personally, I think you will...

Finally, the album that I've been working on by IndiSoulREY for over a year is being released Tuesday March 5! Been a long time coming! I'll be putting the whole CD up here for your listening pleasure on that day. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I had making it!

Finally done mixing our groups 1st CD, IndiSoulREY due out this spring!! I'll be posting a few of the joints up for review and whatnot in the next few days, and I'll be reaching out to you fellow Broadjammers' out there for your comments.

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DJ Aotobon
over 30 days ago

Dope sun you gotta let me in on some of that funk

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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