"These days I am happiest in my home studio writing and producing my own demos.
From country ballad to yet unreleased rock classic. I dont just write one genre of music as I dont just like one type, but each of my songs has my unique stamp on it"

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the end of the world is here!

The end of the world is nigh! watch this space!

"nevers such a long time"..a new track about a very sad end and important chapter in my life, all I can say is listen.

"life" a new track to hit the page..but i have had the riff a while!..new lyrics and a great vocal by KATIE SHELDON".
enjoy! let m know what ya!ll think>>

What is DRW MUSIC?

"well its a compilation of my lifes work and passion, personal reference to romantic fiction with a story to be told and heard."

"when I was a kid, late 1980 I heard this guy on the radio and for the first time in my life I was fascinated as he told the story of his band and their amazing music. I decided there and then I wanted to play guitar and write songs"

"So there I was in my very own rock band for 15 years. Playing bass and singing harmonies to my own tunes gigging extensively with high points such as a session at the BBC and radio air play in America, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Spain."

"These days I am at my happiest writing in my home studio. From country ballad to yet unreleased rock classic. I dont write just one genre, But each song has my own unique stamp on it. I can write to order and on demand."

"I have at least 50 strong songs that I feel would billboard and be at home in the American market. Songs that will give any artiste longevity, integrity and great album sales."

"I want my music to be heard.To place songs in TV shows, musicals and film or maybe the 5th track on someones new album, potentially their greatest hits!"

"I live in the north of England. I write, perform and produce all my own demos, with the help of a talented female vocalist when required."

"Demos are exactly just that! Its not about the performance heard, although I work hard on them.
It`s always been about the song potential, because thats what im selling here"

"I love great vocalists and writers so of course im influenced by the likes of Sheryl Crow,Steve Tyler,The Beatles, Pink to Bob Dylan.The list is endless."

"I keep going because I cant stop. I have the same drive, passion and persistence I have always had."

This is DRW music, please press play.

Thanks for listening.


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