Nevers such a long long time

Story Behind The Song

The songs lyric is in regard to a break up of a long relationship and how indeed its incredible journey from stranger to lover,partner to stranger again is so sureal. And it makes one wonder how that did you lose focus....?.and to be never

Song Description

A riff based pop/rock song with a funky groove and a catchy melodic chorus and vocal coda!

Song Length 4:09 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Language English
Era 2000 and later


Nevers such along long long long time, long time
Did we lose our head somewhere along the line?

You were the one who could not breathe it hurt you so,
You were the one who promised, you would not let go.
But you let go.

I wonder why, I really tried
Caravels to New York skies
We had the time of our lives
Champagne daze through high and dries
And now we've said our sad goodbyes
I wonder why.

Never such a long, long, long, long time; long time
Big hills little mountains that we climbed so high

You were the one, to whom I sang "could I be wrong"
I was the one for you, but now that day has gone
We all need someone?

To never hold you close again
To never see you standing in these places
To never hear you smile out loud,
To never fill these cold and empty spaces

No poem or song that I can write
Could fix this wrong, and make it right.

W`ell never share the same sunshine
Book a room, or take a taxi ride
Ill never take your hand in mine
Go to bed, share a dream at night
Watch a movie, catch a show
What could have been well never know
Never such a long, long, time. A long, long time

Lyrics Darren Woodrow Music Darren Woodrow
Producer Darren woodrow Publisher Darren woodrow
Performance Darren Woodrow
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