A native Floridian, singer, songwriter & guitarist Brenda David has performed her music around the world since 1989. As an award winning songwriter she connects with her audience on an intimate level. Her unique style incorporates an eclectic mix of pop, rock, blues, and urban country that come together in a remarkably cohesive sound.
Her debut cd entitled Scratch met with rave reviews, winning songwriting honors, and topping the charts on European radio stations. She was signed for promotion in Europe, Japan, and Australia by Western Heart Promotions and received radio play around the world. Two of her songs were featured on the soundtrack of the Canadian film “First Time Caller”.
Her much anticipated sophomore album “Better Part of Me” on the Cadillac Records label includes 9 original songs, each with a slightly different flavor, but all with her unique musical stamp. It is guaranteed to be an instant favorite for fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting the release.

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Brenda David – Better Part of Me
By Armond Blackwater

Immediately captivating, enrapturing, and addictive, Brenda David has delivered an amazing album. More than just a mere collection of songs, Better Part of Me flows like a mighty and powerful river with a timeless story of love.

Brenda knows her voice well, a fact that is apparent from the very first note. Over years of intent practice of technique she has honed her voice into a finely crafted instrument. Her versatility through many moods and styles is nothing short of phenomenal. The ultimate effect of her singing is that it makes you feel good, comfortable, at ease, pleased with the moment, and glad that you are listening.

Equally impressive is Brenda’s songwriting talent. She writes masterfully in genres that span from Bluegrass to Rock to Jazz to Caribbean to Gospel and more. Her lyrics spring true from the heart, immaculately match the music, and never fail to capture the soul.

Her songs continuously evolve from beginning to end with many refreshing twists and turns.

How many albums can you name where you love every song? This album has earned that distinction for me. And, it leaves me wanting to hear more.

The backing group is comprised of seasoned professionals with a knack for playing exactly the right phrase at the right time. I kept catching myself saying, “Yes, that’s what goes there. And, “Wow, that was unexpected but… Wow.”

Better Part Of Me – A relaxed Caribbean feel, island rhythm with acoustic guitars and a violin that interweaves seamlessly. There is an amazing burst from the bass, a short articulation that fits flawlessly. Brenda’s soft, charismatic voice encourages us all to help our loved ones find their better part and seek it within ourselves.

Second Chance – “You know that you have never felt more alive,” sings Brenda in this rocking tune. It is very lively tune with a marvelous blend of acoustic guitar, pizzicato strings, flowing bass, and fuzzy electric guitar.

Call Your Name – A tune that transports the listener to the Smoky Mountains where bluegrass songs pass down lessons from the past. Guitars strum and pick, a fiddle accents, and a National flattop slides in support of impeccable vocals.

When I’m Gone – A torrid torch song of the rejected lover – she flames her ex exquisitely -- with elegant smoky lyrics and an infectious chorus hook where Brenda laments,
“You’re gonna be missin’ me,
All those nights of kissin’ me,
All those nights of holding me,
You’re gonna miss me,
When I’m gone.”

Come In From The Rain – A strong woman waits in a warm, dry emotional home summoning that you “come in from the rain, when it all pours down on you.” Don’t we all create our own downpours from time to time… some of us make a habit of it.

Beyond The Vail -- Gypsy fiddle, Sitar sounding guitar and an acoustic guitar reminiscent of Johnny Cash doing Ghost Rider’s In The Sky give this song a haunting aura. The lyrics are a poetic masterpiece. Like all great poetry, each who hears this song will see their own images and take away their own meaning.

I’ll Be The One – It is a lucky person, indeed, that experiences the depth of love that Brenda exudes, starting with “We don’t know our destiny…” and promising, “When forever comes I’ll still be the one loving you.”

Restless Hearts – direct from the Billie Holiday era. Piano vamp, true, real, understated, playing exactly what needs to be there, nothing more, nothing less. The absorbing vocal performance of Ms. David brings this song alive.

Letters To Rebecca – I didn’t get this message at first. This song completes the story like the final chapter in a great novel. The message that I received was that love and faith prevail over all.

Every element of this album is extraordinarily well done. Instruments were expertly recorded with clarity and precision, impeccably mixed and mastered with loving, caring ears. Photography, artwork, and packaging are all top shelf. She even included the lyrics in the liner notes. Too many songwriters forget this important element. It is all about the words, about connecting with the listener. It is that attention to detail in every aspect of production makes this one of the best independent albums ever.

Experience this album and you will understand that Brenda David has arrived, and not a moment too soon.


Since her debut in 1989, Florida musician Brenda David has connected with audiences around the world through her soulful performances and personal lyrics. Now the award-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist is back on the music scene with a much anticipated sophomore album entitled "Better Part of Me" on Cadillac Records. The album's eclectic mix of pop, rock, blues and urban country is just what her fans have been waiting for.
Guaranteed to be an instant favorite, "Better Part of Me" includes nine original songs, each with a slightly different flavor, but all with David's unique musical stamp. David wrote the lyrics and music for many of the original songs, collaborating also with co-producer and husband Richard Smith.
David's debut album "Scratch" (1998) was met with rave reviews, winning songwriting honors and topping the charts on European radio stations. She was signed for promotion in Europe, Japan, and Australia by Western Heart Promotions and received radio play worldwide. Two of the album's songs were also featured on the soundtrack of the Canadian film titled "First Time Caller".
For more information or to purchase "Better Part of Me", "Scratch" or other Brenda David merchandise, please contact brenda@brendadavid.com or visit www.brendadavid.com.

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