JJJ Music is a new company trying to promote artists with a different approach to music. In here you will find BlueBlood whose music does not emcompasses any perticular style, their motto: If it feels good Play it!", The Ace Jazz Band, A step back into the good old days where music had to trigger some kind of emotion. T.A. Eckmans a classical venture into the soul. And Julie A. A country girl with a golden voice and soulful feel.


BlueBlood, to many it represents some kind of link to nobility, but in this perticular case it is just the twisted minds of T. Ace and Adam Sewatt at work. The name came up in a heated debate as to why the European nobility claims to have blue blood. Since neither of them knew for sure, they decided that it would be a perfect name for their project. Twisted!! When the two got together, they were not sure as to what direction to take, so the answer was simple, take all directions and dabble in all. From Punk Rock to Classical and all genres in between, BlueBlood is not afraid to admit that their influences are varied and plentiful. Their philosophy is simple, if the music is good, it's good. It has to trigger some kind of emotion, and I for one, have all kinds of emotions triggered by their music. From pure joy to anger to sadness to everything in between. I discovered them through a friend and have been a fan since day one. I know that some of you out there will hate and/or love their stuff. But that is what makes BlueBlood so unique, they do not leave anyone indifferent. So, jump on the wagon and discover BlueBlood, it might confuse, thrill, delight you or make you hate them, but it will definitly trigger something in you.
BlueBlood, they might not be noble, but they are for sure a whole lot of fun. Adding the fact that the two do not take themselves seriously add to their appeal.

Pete O' Wollery
Sept 2002

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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