LYNN CAREY SAYLOR is a LA area self-contained songwriter with a debut album entitled "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN" currently in release.
She is known for her intelligent lyrics and memorable chorus hooks and her work with superstar guitarist, Brian May, of the legendary British Rock group, QUEEN.


Lynn Carey Saylor is an award winning songwriter, singer, music publisher and LA recording studio co-owner.

All words and music on 10 of 11 songs on her modern Rock/Pop CD "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN" are written entirely by her and she tackles such weighty subjects as racial tolerance (on her award winning song "IF WE BELIEVE" featuring BRIAN MAY of QUEEN) and drunk driving (on the emotional heavy rock ballad "I WASN'T A FRIEND"), but never seems to be preaching to you. Her songwriting style is one of thoughtful lyrics, expressive melodies, big dramatic chorus hooks, lush background harmonies and full bodied instrumentation, set off by modern production.

Queen's Brian May also appears on the lone cover tune on "You Like It Clean", the 1984 smash hit for Pat Benatar, "WE BELONG." Lynn's version of the song boasts not only Brian May, but also the songwriters of the song, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro. For those who know Pat Benatar's big ballad interpretation of the song, there will be some surprise as to Lynn's much more rocked up arrangement of the song, a departure that was designed to set it apart from Benatar's version and also to reflect Lynn's style and showcase the rock guitar sound and style of QUEEN legend Brian May, who plays both lead and rhythm guitar on the song.

Lynn has an especially personal and emotional reason for having covered the song on her otherwise completely self-written album and that is to honor and feature "We Belong" co-writer Eric Lowen, who was stricken with the incurable fatal disease ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Eric has sadly since passed away of this devastating disease. During the recording of the song, Lynn filmed a documentary style video which can be viewed on YouTube and easily found by searching "Lynn Carey Saylor" on the site. The video contains footage of Lynn with Brian May, Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro (We Belong's other writer) and others involved in the making of the track.

In addition to Brian May and the writers of "We Belong", there are other musicians of note appearing on Lynn's record. They include STACY JONES (drums) and JAMIE ARENTZEN (guitar), frontman and guitarist respectively for popular rock band "American Hi-Fi" (best known for their 2002 hit single "Flavor Of The Weak"), CHRIS JOHNSON, programmer of the smash hit single for Evanescence, "Bring Me To Life", FRANK GRYNER, producer/programmer to many well-known artists such as Tommy Lee and Rob Zombie, DANNY MIRANDA, formerly the long time touring bassist of Blue Oyster Cult and recent tour bassist for Queen + Paul Rodgers, and drummer MARK SCHULMAN, who has toured or recorded with the likes of Cher, Foreigner, Pink, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and many other superstar artists.

Lynn Carey Saylor has been endorsed by world famous string manufacturer The Dean Markley Company, was the first FEMALE endorsed by Goodsell Amps, who endorses such well-known guitarists as Gilby Clarke, Butch Walker and Country superstar, Vince Gill, and is currently endorsed by Wizard Amps.

In January of 2018, Lynn's highly personal and emotionally driven song "Tidal Wave", written as a response to the grief she experienced after losing her brother to suicide in 2014, was selected as the 2017 winning song of the hard rock - alt rock category of the prestigious year long SongDoor songwriting contest among some 25,000 entered songs.

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Joseph Miller
over 30 days ago to LYNN CAREY SAYLOR

Great tune... Why Not? You are such a positive force I'd recommend you sing this tune as an anthem song and instead of asking a question... I'd recommend you say something like "Today's the day I through caution to the wind"... and put the verse in first person instead of talking to someone else. I know how it feels to lose a voice.. to feel that I have have lost my choice"... so it becomes personal to you. This truly makes a statement to "Throw Caution". instead of asking the philosophical question. In acting terms it makes the song more actable.... Great tune... keep up the good work... and stay save in these trying CV19 times... Joe

Edward Michaels
over 30 days ago to LYNN CAREY SAYLOR

Love your voice! Great tune "We Belong" God bless, will keep you in my prayers. Don't ever give up!!

Great Song! Great Message!!

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