Naomi is a versatile songwriter who's work has been critiqued as 'not knowing what it wants to be'. That is because Naomi is not easy to pigeon-hole as she has the astrological chart of someone who could be just about anything she wants to be!

Her passion is to share her creative works with others and keep on songwriting, despite the fact that her work, sampled here, has been done completely solo, and behind closed doors. She would love to have her songs interpreted through live arrangement, by talented musicians.

Naomi - Who, What and Why?

Naomi has been songwriting since the age of 13. She grew up in a family of 5 musical children and the influence of The Beatles. Naomi's baby sister, Derri, played an important part in her musical creativity and still does.

Today, Naomi does her musical creating at the foot of the Preseli Mountains in Wales, UK, looking West towards the ancient mountains, the famous bluestones which are related to Stone Henge and the ever-changing skies.

This is a versatile songwriter whose ambition is to share her songs with others around the World. Her recordings on this site have been done completely solo and 'behind closed doors'. Perhaps one day they will be interpreted through live arrangement by talented musicians.


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Emmett North Jr.
over 30 days ago to Naomi Rhi

Very beautiful song, very beautiful lady sincerely, Emmett North Jr.

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