Inner Gypsy is the love-child of a guitar player and a flute player, who found each other in New York City, and who are linked as much by their love of every kind of music, as their love for each other's ideas and world-view. Their music is an acoustic fusion of rhythmic and melodic styles from all over the world, performed with a deep understanding of their craft.


Tiffany was a small town upstate NY girl with a great big wandering heart. She always knew that the only thing she ever wanted to do was to play her flute and travel the world.

Mario was a little Indian boy who grew up in another world and was named after a famous Italian tenor. But he wanted to swing his hips like Elvis, so he learned to play the guitar and moved to New York City.

Just thirty short years later, these two soulmates eventually found each other in the "Big Apple," and just like Adam and Eve... they took a bite!

Their band, Inner Gypsy, is the two of them at its core, sometimes supported by other "gypsies" (percussionist, violinist, upright bass, accordion). However they are quite capable of putting on a high energy performance without any help, thank you!
In the past two years they have performed extensively throughout the usual Manhattan club scene, as well as lesser know venues in New Jersey where they now reside as husband and wife.

Mr. & Mrs. Sen have just completed their debut album, Gypsychology, a collection of eight original songs - which span a diverse and international set of styles while still retaining a pop music accessibility - and one unexpected cover, the old Sonny & Cher classic, "I Got You Babe."


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Patty Boss
over 30 days ago to Inner Gypsy

Wow, what great guitar. Nuthin' better than musical love children. You style kind of reminds me of my Fav Ali Farka Toure - thanks for the music!

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Inner Gypsy
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the comments Patty. We love Ali Farkar Toure. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner- I don't check this site every often.

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