In his quest for total musical domination, Brady Heuser pounds out hit after hit in any and all genres. Just last week one of his songs hit number one,,, in his house!! Mild mannered, laid back ,self -employed working man by day, hardcore, hit making, home recording musician by kids nap time and about 12:00 to 3:00 at night. His songs are his storys of life, allways true but mostly false, this is the e true hollywood story of.......BRADY HEUSER


So they'll probally never do a e true hollywood story on a ole kentucky boy who records in his basement, thats okay, it would be boring anyway. I love all music, it is very strong I think, and can be a great influence on peoples lives. If I could write and sell songs for a living, I'd think that'd be right close to heaven.

Who I is

Im 34 and have no crazy thoughts of being famous or anything like that, I just like music so what I post are rough cuts of songs I write or help arrange or play on. I been playing snice I was a teenager, started out on metal music but found a real love of acoustics after a few years,( and Neil Young albums). Bein from kentucky most of my family likes country, I didnt think I did untill I got a little older and found all the great classic country out there.(check out Dale Watson, he still does it old school!) My aunt and uncle had a bar that crystal gayle and jerry lee lewis and other country acts played at, back then I didnt really know how cool that was, I thought it was cool I was a little kid with the run of a bar, couldnt get away with that now a days! Anyway Im just hoping some people get something positive out of my songs, I have everything from metal to bluegrass to gospel, rock, hippy sounding stuff, country,jazz,blues, anything and all styles of music, its all good in some way. hope someone enjoys.

Check out 16 south


how its done

I do my recordings on a simple fostex recorder with no effects or compressors so most of it comes out rough, with little time and less money thats how a po boy has to do it. Hopefully in time things will improve and sound better, they already are the more I do so.. Got some good friends and family to record and write and jam with so youll see some of their stuff on my page also.


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Jesse Findley5603541
over 30 days ago to Brady Heuser

Dwayne bledsoe is my uncle he means the world to me my second child is named after him we will never forget you dong waong a yong nong e

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