Bryan Lisa treads a fine line between folk, rock, and blues - where intelligent, honest, and sometimes bitter lyrics meet unforgettable melodies. Bryan is a singer / songwriter from the heart of Central New Jersey, where his vast influences can be found buried deep under the tracks of his debut CD, "Skeleton Keys". Bryan's ecclectic artistic influences range from Dylan, Bowie, and Difranco to Radiohead and the Rolling Stones. His songs sometimes paint a picture frozen in time, sometimes tell a story...but in both cases, his songwriting style is all his own.

Bryan has made several appearances in the New Jersey acoustic scene, including the Singer / Songwriter Showcase at Triumph Brewery (Princeton, NJ) and Harvest Moon Brewery (New Brunswick, NJ). Whether heartrending, harrowing, or hopeful, each song on his debut CD is a key that can open many doors.
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