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The Lucas Cates Band (TLCB) is a nationally touring, original acoustic rock group based out of Madison, WI. Their music includes a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, alt-country, folk, jazz, funk, r&b, jam and more. All four of their original albums are available at Itunes! TLCB was also just recently added to!!

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Led by the rich, versatile vocals of Lucas Cates and wrapped by refined, expressive harmonies and musicianship from guitarist/violinist Kenny Leiser, bassist Mark Noxon and drummer Jesse Warmka, The Lucas Cates Band (TLCB) is quickly turning a major regional buzz into a national draw. Their blend of pop, rock, blues, reggae, funk and alt-country makes the Madison-based band hard to pigeonhole but easy to enjoy, if you love good music. A Broadjam review describes their sound as "unique pop-country-rock-punk-cool." And music site Space City Rock out of Dallas, Texas writes "if your attention isn't caught by the soothing vocals, great acoustics or funny lyrics.. then you, my friend.. should check to see if you're still breathing."

The quartet of talented musicians is touring North America in support of their 4th original album. Cates says the new album, "Captures the essence of the band. The energy, the jams, the dynamics-- all of it!" The infectious melodies are quickly gaining new fans from coast to coast and hitting the airwaves. Tunes like "Turn the Light On" are being called an example of how "a song can build into something memorable, even majestic" by The Daily Page MadTracks Reporter Jessica Steinhoff.

The band's secret weapon is their friendship and the true admiration each has for the other's talents. All four have played in other bands but found an incredible chemistry when the current line-up came together just three years ago. "Kenny is the musical attraction of the band," according to Noxon. "He's up front and commands attention in the way he plays." Meantime, Leiser says, "Jesse Warmka is without a doubt, the best drummer. He feels the music while listening to what's going on around him." These examples of mutual affection, helped the group skyrocket quickly on the local and regional scene, winning a dozen Madison Area Music Awards in 2009, including the coveted Artist of the Year award. At the same time, TLCB put together an intensive national tour schedule-- adding fans at every stop. After more than 200 shows early the following year and some 50,000 miles later, the new album in late 2010 is bringing the band's good humor and open-hearted jams of joy to even more audiences across the continent. Warmka says, "This album will have great response from old and new fans. It has a lot of catchy, powerful songs that will touch a wide audience, both old and young." Cates adds, "A year ago none of us imagined where we'd be today and I assume next year we will say the same thing. We have similar goals and expectations for ourselves, as well as a long-term goal of making this a lifestyle choice."

If current success is any indication-- television, radio, newspaper and website coverage across the country, a song picked up by the Cincinnati Ballet, music videos, international, satellite, college, AAA and commercial radio-- the group's momentum is unstoppable. A review by Kenneth Burns of Isthmus calls TLCB's live show the "most technically remarkable playing. Bassist Mark Noxon and guitarist/violinist Kenny Leiser are virtuosos, and watching them trade riffs was thrilling." Leiser simply says, "We're doing what our fans have asked for, across the country. I hope it helps propel us further along our excellent adventure."

The Lucas Cates Band maintains full control over booking, management and publicity; in essence, acting as their own label. The group is committed to moving their career to the next level, together. "These relationships are binding. We are in it for the long haul," says Cates.

-Teri Barr "Independent Living"

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over 30 days ago to The Lucas Cates Band

Ha Packer Rock Anthem is pretty cool

Tom Watson
over 30 days ago to The Lucas Cates Band

Great song, great vocals, great band! I'm really jealous. Best of luck, you will go far.


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