Barboline's Bleed Rail Project - is a collection of songs written for the "Last Days", "Broken Home" and "Playing with Ghosts" albums released in 2017-2018.

Pre-Production Engineering by Joe Kovacs.

Produced by McDonald Productions.

The music here is adaptable for film and includes a variety of subject material.

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IT & MES² ©2011-2017 & Dark Riff Publishing ©2017

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Dedicated to the memories of;

Rod "Doc" Warner, November 23,2012

Tim Schrieber, January 21,2015.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about these guys and how truly immortal music can be.

Doc and Tim will forever be missed.


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Ha... cool tune. Great groove. Memorable Hook... can't forget that one. I'm a sucker for the B3 and that 60's Rock Beat... Bravo Barboline!

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Much appreciated & thanks for listening :-)
Not sure which tune you found .... have a redundancy to ask my producer to throw that B3 in and the mellotron on a lot of tunes :-)

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