From the deserts of Arizona,
Pawnshopmusic features hook-driven guitar based pop songs influenced by artists like One Republic, Keane, All American Rejects and Coldplay. Underneath, there's some Beatle-esque nods to the guys from Liverpool. Most Pawnshopmusic songs feature male vocals, with occasional female vocalists stepping in for guest appearances. With 2 CD's available, Pawnshopmusic has been heard on most major networks as well as cable networks such as HBO, SiFi CW, and Nickelodeon.

The instrumental side of Pawnshopmusic is "The Sonic Cesspool Collection".
These are short instrumental works with emphasis on texture, instrumental hooks, and soundscapes.

They range from guitar-pop, dark and "feel good" quirky pieces that defy categories. Typical lengths are 1 minute to 2 minutes...easily sliced up to fit into any usage.
For more info contact Steve Parrish at Desertcoast Media Group (602)508-9758

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Steve Parrish
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