The Wimshurst's Machine is a fully-fledged, eight-piece, all-Italian, chillout ensemble originally formed in Turin in the north of Italy in the year 2003 with the idea of producing electronic music and enriching it with live acoustic, ethnic and ambient sound recordings. Sliding seamlessly from chillout to rock, from ambient to jazz, and from electronic to ethnic, The Wimshurst's Machine have created a highly distinctive style, unique in genre and sound, that crosses musical and geographical borders at will and gives full rein to the artistic preferences and verve of each member of the ensemble. A constant and careful balance between creative freedom and meticulous production turns every TWM album into a highly professional and delightfully enchanting oneiric journey through time and space.

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"Aquarius", the award-winning best of TWM, is now fully available for download at 8.99 on iTunes! :-)

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TWM is an 8 members band who plays instrumental music, sometimes inspired by ancient or traditional tunes (Irish, indian or spanish), mixed with modern sounds, from chill-out to jazz, with a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Members: Augusto&Duilio Chiarle, Antonio Rapacciuolo, Fabio Rodi, Roberto Canone, Max Baudissard, Daniele Scerra, Elvis Bergero.

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I must say each one of us do like different kinds of music, but the union of the 8 of us created something that looks like "Cafe' Del Mar" or "Buddha Bar" as 1st impression.


The Wimshurst's Machine is a project born by the music passion of each component and a mad idea, developed between friends and colleagues with little time to play together "in person". Thanks to modern softwares and computers (as Propellerhead Reason, Apple Garage Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Sound Studio Pro and Apple Soundtrack), it has become possible to play together even when living apart, recording each track separated from the others with modern "home made studios".

Why this name?
There is nothing as fascinating as an old technology, so we chose this old precursor that made possible even the use of electricity in modern times. The choice happened by chance, talking in a brewery, while looking for an original band name that would show the world how complicated but fascinating our project is.

Very difficult to say. We just play what's going on in our heads and hearts and I must say each one of us likes different kinds of music, but the union of the 8 of us created something that looks like "Café Del Mar" or "Buddha Bar" as a 1st impression. We like the idea to set a mood for the complete album, that has to be an experience in itself and not "just" a collection of songs.

Equipment used:
We do have plenty of acoustic instruments, from Saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor and bari), clarinet, flutes, guitars (classic and spanish), trumpets, dulcimer, bagpipes, mandolin, drums and lots of others... but we have also plenty of electric guitars, many different MIDI keyboards/controllers and so on. At the same time we also use powerful softwares, to record our music professionally but at low cost.

Albums & Videos:
This Wimshurst's Machine's first album ("A traveller who didn't ask for glory") is based on the notion that ancient explorers lived most of their lives through violent but incredible adventures. In this album you may read (and listen to) a story that tells about an ancient traveler that obtained glory while he was searching for himself across the world.
This album reached #2 Top downloaded Electronic album and #26 Overall on the iTunes italian online store on January 12 and 13, 2005!
In "The Alchemist" (TWM's second album) the storytelling is about an Alchemist, during the spanish late middle age. Also in this other album you may listen to more than 1 hour of music, ideally the soundtrack of the story the CD itself is telling (that you may also read from the inlay card), flowing as in a movie.
Both albums are now available for sale on iTunes!
A recent add is the release of a DVD containing 5 music videos of the band. "Prisoner" (the project title) contains the videos you will find here and ssomee more, including a preview track of the new album.
The band has released two CDs and a DVD so far, and is planning to release a double-album ("Time Traveller") in 2006.

Before let you go...
The band decided to give the money raised with the CD sales to Madagascar's orphans (as distance adoption: the band members will use the money to increase their personal donations).
We hope you'd enjoy TWM music, and if you'd like to use our music as a soundtrack, you have just to ask us with an email: we are inexpensive, since we have other jobs and play music just for the pleasure of it.

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over 30 days ago to The Wimshurst's Machine

Is it me, or is this totally friggin' nerve-wracking??? lol I can't look anymore! Cheers :)

over 30 days ago to The Wimshurst's Machine

"Wind Sailer" is an excellent tune! I'll be listening to more of your stuff.

over 30 days ago to The Wimshurst's Machine

Many congrats on your continued first place standing in the 6-pack! Great, great music. You guys are awesome!

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