China Doll is a band that delivers beautiful, haunting songs that everyone can relate to. Their music, written by two sisters & one brother, lets you feel the incredible emotion of their journey through life, love and their unending pursuit of being heard.

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"Rossella's voice has a fascinating grit that ranks her up there with the top female pop vocalists in South Florida."
City Link Magazine

"Welcome to Loveland" is a promising effort from a Broward group not afraid to color outside the lines."
New Times Magazine

"A tantalizing and teasing taste of well honed alternative pop."
Jam Magazine


"Yes", "Rush", "U2", "the Beatles", "Tori Amos", "Joni Mitchell", "Carly Simon", "Billy Joel", "Concrete Blonde", "Nirvana", just to name a few....


Two sisters, Rossella and Renata, one brother, Matt, make up the close-knit alternative pop band CHINA DOLL. China Doll has performed all over South Florida in various clubs and festivals. Their music can be heard on several South Florida radio stations. They have released two CD's and are currently working on a new rock musical titled "UNRAVELING"


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China Doll
over 30 days ago to China Doll

China Doll is currently working on an original musical titled "UNRAVELING". The first public reading was held in March at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Please visit to learn more about it and to hear songs from the musical.

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