Juan da Gawd (god) has been grinding with the music. He's been featured on Dj Kay Slay Shade 45 radio. Juan has also got music on iTunes I heart radio Pandora Tidal to name a few. He's always doing open mics musical festivals any thing to get his name out there


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Doug Mayberry
over 30 days ago to Juan Da Gawd

If you're going to give poor unfinished reviews based on the fact that you "don't like that type of music" perhaps you should just review music that you do like. There is a way to do that, you know.

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Juan Da Gawd
over 30 days ago

I'm not a fan of the music and I tried to do reviews on what I like it wouldn't let me choose it at that time. And everyone not going to like your music that's just life but keep doing u

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