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President/CEO New Experience Rec"singer songwriter music
publisher record producer.

Sounds Like: Roger Troutman, Gap Band

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James Jr is now working on new music.

Bio:R&b Soul funk artist:JamesJr

James Jr. has over 25 years experience in the recording industry. He has worked and recorded with artists such as Terry Zapp Troutman of Zapp, Leroy "Shugafoot"Bonner of the Ohio Players, rapper producer Kurtis Blow worked with Gerald Levert group "Men at Large". He has a smooth "old school" groove that is funky, his newly released album Bringing Back The Old School (By) James Jr Managed Curtis Mayfield 50s 60s group Brooks Brothers formal group members and Rock & Roll Hall
singing group the Impressions formal artist of Vee Jay Records worked with Chris Jasper of Hall of Fame Group Isley Jasper
Isley Barbara Joyce Lomas lead singer of the 70s 80s group BT.Express Margie Cox of the group Prince and many others such
as The Rude Boy's produced by the late Gerald Levert Lavel Jackson formal artist from Motown Records to many to mention.

Album Review:

James Jr: Making It To The Top
Artist: James JR.
CD: (downloadable EP) Making It To The Top
Label: New Experience Recordings, 2010
Songs: Girl Like You (Feat. Kurtis Blow and Terry Troutman), Something On Your Mind, Let's Stay Together, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, Stay A While (Feat. Terry Troutman).
This was an outstanding CD. Being more of a purist when it comes to R&B, I usually don't like the modern sound. But James shows that you can team classic soul with a more contemporary sound. Teaming with two superstars of R&B, he shows that it's not the style that matters-but rather-the talent that goes into the resulting music. He is very thorough when he steps up to the microphone. Every song is excellently performed and has radio playability.
The CD, as a whole, is filled with well matched songs. Easy on the ears, quick to make you want to tap your toes, this is easily danceable. True to the originals, the covers are spectacular.
James has a classic soulful voice which compliments each song, binds the whole CD together, and sets the tone for any project he will do in the future. He sings each song with a professional ease and technique that makes you believe that he has been in the business for decades beyond anyone else out there. He can only go one direction with this much talent and that is up.

R&b Soul Funk Artist:James Jr

Recording Artist:James Jr.
I have worked and recorded with many artist such as rapper producer Kurtis Blow Terry Zapp Troutman from the Warner Brothers funk band Roger & Zapp.
Sugarfoot lead singer of the Ohio players formal band member of Mecury Records
Over 25-30 years in the business and also other artist such as Margie Cox of the
band Prince and the NPG,Barbara Joyce Lomas of the 70s 80s band B.T.Express
Lavel Jackson formal artist for Motown Rec,and Fanko-Jackson formal artist writer
of Motown Rec Chris Jasper formal artist for CBS Records.
And member of the Isley Brothers and Isley Jasper Isley The late Curtis Mayfield 50s 60s group the Impressions and many others


James Jr. reworks The Isley Brothers classic hit "Don't Say Goodnight"
Posted By: Rick JammPosted date: June 07, 2016in: News1 Comment
Mound Bayou, Mississippi born singer, songwriter, and producer James Jr. remakes former collaborating associates, The Isley Brothers, classic hit "Don't Say Goodnight" with a "Zapp" twist. The original version of this track reached No.1 on the R&B charts during 1980.

James Jr. keeps and the tempo and feel pretty much the same but 're-tunes' the lead vocal with the Zapp work over and made famous by Roger Troutman's talkbox. Younger folks today will think of it as the T-Pain vocoder sound, but this stuff walked straight out of the funky 80s. So who better than James Jr. to take it back to its roots.

James Jr.
James Jr.
However it was about time that this R&B classic was brought back to the neighborhood. And James Jr. basically gives the track a smooth, clean groovecentric flavor. It's been said that there was a shortage of high quality R&B music.

However correct or incorrect that is, this song would stand out as a strong example of the contrary to that point of view. James Jr. vocals here summon up emotions of love, joy, and sensual longings, just as much as the original version did. He knows how to express his feelings.

"Don't Say Goodnight" shows James Jr. versatile style and his way of delivering a message through music, regardless of whether it's an original or somebody else's song. He sounds just as comfortable here as he does in any of his previous releases.

This mixture of classic R&B sounds with the production values of today really works on many levels. This is a great combination of message and music that I highly recommend from an artist that has been around the block...more than once!

MORE ABOUT: James Jr. has had the luxury of performing and collaborating with several of the great musical legends of the 70's and 80's such as the great group Isley Jasper Isley on the creation of "Caravan of Love" and more from 1984 until the group dissolved in 1987.

Barbara Joyce, the funk disco groupB.T. Express, and Men at Large. Zapp and Roger (Roger Troutman) are also among those James has built a lasting personal relationship with and shared his gifts and skills with on their projects such as hits "More Bounce to the Ounce," "Dance Floor," and "Computer Love."

James Jr. is stepping up his career even further as he just inked a new distribution deal with Rick Ross Music Group, founded by the infamous Ricky "Freeway" Ross, as well as signed under new management with celebrity business manager Robert Terell of Wealth Nation Entertainment.

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Recording Artist:James Jr
over 30 days ago

Recording Artist:R&b Soul Funk Artist James Jr is not under management at this time.

Recording Artist:James Jr
over 30 days ago

R&b Soul Funk Artist:James Jr
Not under management at this time for further info contact me at Phone:662-388-1716.

Hi!Recording artist:James Jr
This my song Girl like you (By) James Jr (feat) Kurtis Blow & Terry Troutman.

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