Philip Jenkins is a UK based songwriter with a knack for writing catchy pop lyrics and hooky melodies.

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UK songwriting contest 3x finalist with my song 'IN PIECES' 2014
Global Music Awards Winner 2015
Double Nominee Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2015
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over 30 days ago to philip jenkins

Really like your voice and melodies--its fresh while still being in the realm of pop music progressions we have seemed to hear before...fresh approach and really good production of your songs...I will listen some more and enjoy thanks so much for your talent....

Kent Webb
over 30 days ago to philip jenkins

Hello Philip. Just listened to your song So Beautiful. I very much enjoyed it. Very talented writing, production, and performance. Hope it shoots to the top of the Pop charts. I gave 5 stars. Looking forward to hearing more. Kind regards, Kent Webb (New York City)

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philip jenkins
over 30 days ago

Hi Kent. Thanks for your kind comments about my song ' So Beautiful ' I am working really hard to get the song into the right hands at the minute, its not easy but I keep trying. Just finished a couple of new songs so hope to have it up on here soon. All the best Philip.

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to philip jenkins

So I see you got one of my epic stories to review, that is what I am a story teller. So thanks for the listen

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