Between rock'n'roll, pop and jazz, the music of A NEW JAZZ ORCHESTRA invites irresistibly to the voyage. Its melodies in perpetual movement evolve, change and cross to explore the multiple recesses an oscillating universe between intimate environments and constant rhythms. Skilfully combining rigour and spontaneousness, technical control and sensitivity, A NEW JAZZ ORCHESTRA surprises by its originality and its personality. But c?est on scene which A NEW JAZZ ORCHESTRA becomes all its extensive. With for master word the pleasure of playing, the four musicians never calculate, they give the best with an astonishing generosity. Privileging the energetic side of their music, the group proposes an effective, involving and homogeneous repertory.
Sam Voccia, composer-songwriter, create this still young project (born in September 2001) with friends: - Thomas Jungblut, drums (also beater of Jeronimo). - Jeff Sculfort, bass (ex-Sealane and Hippodrome). - Frederic Legros, saxophone (Showstar
  • Member Since: 2004
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