We are AndrewVictoria. Not one person with two identities, but two people with one identifying sound.

While we're both from different countries, we have lived in each others homes as well as elsewhere abroad. Meeting each other took the two of us living in Hong Kong where we were separately hired to perform in the same band. We've since been fortunate enough to spend the last 4 years tripping around the world playing music and performing. We now maintain a current base in Hamilton Ontario.

Like the two of us, we're not all from the same page in the book. However we all bleed the same colour and being able to share with you the music running through our veins is what it's all about. The universal language.

Our music comes straight from the heart, evolving from a divergence of genres. We hope it speaks to you on a level it speaks to us.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. Please - sit back, relax and listen.

Latest News

AndrewVictoria's 'It's Not Over' scores again ranking a high score of 9/10 in the internationally acclaimed 'UK SONGWRITING CONTEST '. AV were announced in early September 2011 as 'Finalists' with their song, which replaces the former 'Runner-Up' rating format. While thousands enter each year, few competitors receive a 9/10 ranking, and a perfect score of 10 is awarded only once the overall winner is selected. This is the 3rd time in 2011 where 'It's Not Over' has received songwriting honors.

About AndrewVictoria:

Brought together by chance, and unified by music, Australian Native Andrew Rudd and Canadian-born Australian Victoria Boland are believers in the saying "Things happen for a reason". Both thousands of miles from their homes, Andrew and Victoria met in Hong Kong in 2005 where they were performing 6 nights a week for the Igor's Group. Though both of the same descent, neither knew of each other until Hong Kong, nor did they have any intent of working together once their contracts ended! It took little time however for the two to realize that they eerily paralleled each other musically, and that leaving Asia separately would undoubtedly leave each asking "What if?"
Three & half years later, the duo, currently residing in Ontario, Canada, have toured internationally performing hundreds of dates for thousands of people, and are now eagerly anticipating response to their long-awaited music. A combination of powerful vocals and guitar-driven indie pop-rock alternative, AV's songs dig deep into realistic, everyday issues, from spousal abuse in their heart-wrenching "Mary Jane" to the future of our kids, in the political out-reach song "Children", to "Hurry Home", a power-pop anthem that questions giving a second chance to infidelity. Never ones to "box" themselves, Boland and Rudd, who co-wrote every song, eclectically move throughout their compositions that are both lyrically and musically strong.
With backgrounds in jazz/big band, blues, pop-rock and country, a two-time scholarship recipient to Berklee's College of Music, Victoria's vocals play to every nuance, painting pictures and sending shivers with her smooth, warm-as-honey vocals and artistic styling.
Victoria began singing and performing to crowds as big as 20,000 at the age of 6. By the age of 8, Victoria had completed her first recording on Australia's "The Young Stars" LP record. She hasn't looked back. Outside of countless international performances, Victoria has had the honor of performing at a Shania Twain concert and singing for Queen Elizabeth's 50th Jubilee and working with members of Sir Elton John's band.
Being a fan of current artists like Pink, Vanessa Amorosi and New Zealand singer/songwriter Brooke Fraser, Victoria also cites Patsy Cline, Amanda Marshall, Joan Osborne, Tina Turner, Alannah Myles and Eva Cassidy as major influences.
Andrew, the master-mind behind the album's production, is a brilliantly talented guitarist and musician. He studied music at Sydney's prestigious JMC Academy before leaving for Asia in 2004. From an early age, Rudd had strong feelings towards music. He grew up nourished with classic music from Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, The Doobie Brothers, The Beach Boys, Toto, Peter Gabriel and ABBA (to name a few). This developed into an eventual love of the guitar.
Having earned his stripes with hundreds of hours on stage as well as in-studio, Andrew's musical skill is broad and well developed. He has an innate ability to see forward and hear what others don't. Well talented in both musical arrangement and production, Rudd has produced great music. Music worth listening to the whole way through, and then listening to all over again.
AndrewVictoria are one powerful duo to keep your eyes and ears out for. Find their E.P. at all major online retailers soon and find out why these two self-proclaimed 'musos' have been worth waiting for!


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