Rebirth of Life

ReBirth of Life (EP) is a collection of 5 songs that showcase the reggae artist's versatility. It features artists like Porter D'Poet and TaDa, plus music production by Padrino, Bigg E, Overlord and Believe. Here's a review of the most recent single "Mental Slavery" by TK of Play It Forward Magazine: It's been a long while since the last time we've heard music from ReBirth, but it seems she's ready to make her re-emergence into music. The Padrino produced track is called "Mental Slavery" and is ReBirth's "emotional response" to what she sees as the current social climate of our small island nation. ReBirth says she feels that many of us as Bahamians have what some call the "Black Crab Syndrom", and we set out to bring each other down and to point out the flaws of our brothers and sisters, not to help them but to simply hinder what ever progress we may see them making. In the song ReBirth calls this "black crab syndrom" a "slave mentality" and says its simply not right. Below is a snippet of Rebirth's brand new "" exclusivly for you. Check it out and be sure to leave your comments about the track's snippet here on the page or hit us up on facebook and twitter to let us know how you feel about it. You can check us back to hear the full track sooner than you think. As always guys, Peace, Love & #PlayItForward


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