Greatest Hits

Music pioneer and icon Ronnie Butler, has penned, performed, and recorded many widely popular songs that have come to define indigenous Bahamian music. For the first time in over 50 years, fans living abroad will be able to purchase a complete Ronnie Butler album online. The digital release features 13 of the legend's greatest hits including "Burma Road", "Age Ain't Nuttin But a Number", and "Bahama Rock" plus two bonus tracks - the popular "Look What You Do" and an early recording of Big Bamboo. Ronnie's greatest work, spanning over 15 records, are finally be available on one must-have album. For 10 years, starting in 1973, he played Ronnie's Rebel Room at Anchorage Hotel. Many of the same hit songs featured on the digital album were performed there in front of audiences from around the world. Ronnie's music, known for its latin, goombay, calypso and junkanoo fusion, has evolved alongside music technology, making the shift from acoustic to electronic. This special collection, a celebration of music evolution and appreciation, is a timely gift to the Bahamian people at the time of our 40th Independence celebration. Greatest Hits is the ultimate collector's item, Bahamian music album, and Independence soundtrack. The digital album booklet can be downloaded at any time from

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