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Alan Motley is undeniably the best thing since sliced bread and microwave ovens. Listening to his hypnotic melodies and crisp individual vocal sensibility will keep you begging for more. Created from two eccentric intensely talented artists, Alan's distinctive focus is fueled by his ability to absorb all sounds around him and thrust them into 3 to 5 minute sessions of his obsession with melody and harmony. A style his own though he shares with rock, jazz, and heavy folk influences bring about a happy medium of intelligent, confident, and raw drive. As a producer in the Seattle scene, Alan has worked with many artists providing musical guidance and his engineering prowess. All of his albums so far have been self-produced and engineered. He even provided all vocals. These full length albums include "Roadmap", "Ods and Ends" and "The Looking Glass". He also has a couple EP's including "Alan M. & Ryan C. B Sides", "Instrumentals", "Alan Motley Project EP","Superautomatic" and a rare cover of Beattles tunes "Covering Lennon". When thinking of band names that would exemplify the qualities that Alan and his project would bring to the table, AMP provides a base from which his expressions may be formed. At 30, Alan continually grows as a musician and writer. Though he might be an old soul, there will undoubtedly be many years of great tracks to come. This is a guy surely to become one of those few talented songwriters never forgotten. Currently Alan is in the process of producing and working on his 6th full length album "Amplification of Sound" for release late 2010

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