I come into this site blind, but the inspiration of musicians here & now and also from the past and their amazing musical influences has allowed me to see without having to look. to feel without having to hold. To love without trying to love. The universal language that transcends all cultural barriers yet is understood by all who hear. My songs reflect my love, life, family and friends,the emotional joys,the practical hardships and the spiritual triumphs th@ govern my heart & mind and bring forth the gift of music from my soul to share with those who care, giving without expectation and receiving with grace and humility. I've learnt to love my music and accept if others don't, my philosophy is simple "do what u love and love what u do" if my music moves you like music moves me then I've come to the right place.I thank God,my family and friends and the color of music which without all these, would be a drab existence indeed.


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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