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A month ago we finished our first video clip of our coming debut album

unfortunately we cannot uploaded to our broadjam account so we hope you watch it at:


RAM has borned in December 2000, when Angel Gimenez (guitars) and Jorge Rivarola (bass) decided to create a band that must achieve high goals.
Angel and Jorge started to work hard to make it, so they composed a lot of songs, then Lucas Santarelli (vocals) joined the band, after a few month Fernando Sarría (drums) consolidate the band, and togheter they started to record their first EP. Then Lucas joined to another band called Aura, so he decided to leave RAM, in December 1, 2002, Gerard Pfingst (vocal, guitar) joined the band. With this new line up: Angel Gimenez (vocal, guitar) Gerard Pfingst (vocal, guitar) Jorge Rivarola (Bass) Fernando Sarría (Drums),

Cataloged as the South American TOOL by the Inside Connection Music Magazine and being semifinalist on ISC music writing competition in 2007 RAM is in a good way trying to do a lot of gigs to improve their live performance.

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